STI Emergency Exit Stopper
£ 118.80


The STI 6400 exit stopper is a self contained, compact alarm designed to provide a warning to others when an emergency fire exit door has been opened. The alarm acts as a deterrent against unauthorised use of emergency fire exit doors, and the 97 dB sounder can only be silenced by a key holder, when the alarm is reset. These units can be installed in minutes and are ideal for retrofit applications. 

  • Exit Stopper door alarm - designed for single doors

  • Bright red with 'STOP' emblazoned across the front

  • Can act as a deterrent to vandalism and unauthorised use of the door

  • Battery operated (9V battery included)

  • Key operated manual override - allows the alarm to be silenced by an authorised person

  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage during normal use

  • Slimline design - 48mm profile

  • Manufactured in UK

  • User programmable alarm duration and delays (using dip switches)

  • Also available for double door application

Product Code ST6400
Weight 0.10kg 
Dimensions (HxWxD) 127x127x48mm
Battery Type 9V Alkaline
Material Polycarbonate
Manufacturer Part Number STI 6400