Overhead Door Closer - Rutland Door Closer Ts.11204 Size 2 -4
£ 100.20
TS.11204 Cam Action Size 2-4 Overhead Door Closer
Cam action door closers are renowned for their high efficiency and ease of opening – proof of the elegant engineering that has made Rutland famous.

This surface slide arm closer has a slimline construction and temperature stable hydraulic fluid, which operates effectively in temperatures between -30°C and +60°C. It features and adjustable latch and closing speed and is available with a mounting plate for increased fixing strength.

• Fire Tested up to 60 mins
• Max Door Weight up to 60kg
• Opening Angle 110º
• Max Door Width 950mm
• Universal Application
• Adjustable Closing Speed
• Power Size EN3
• Adjustable Latch Speed
• DoP 11204CPR01.07.13
• Rut Lock • 35 Year Guarantee
BS EN 1154 Classification
TS.11204 door closers have been independently tested to conform with the EN 1154 performance standard. They are CE marked and classified as follows:
3 8 3 1 1 3

BS EN 1634 Fire Test
TS.11204 door closers have been tested to EN 1634 Fire Pressure Test for, 30 and 60 minutes on a TFTDoor and TFCDoor.

ADA Compliant
Fire doors shall have a minimum opening force allowable by the appropriate administration authority, and doors other than fire doors 5 pounds maximum opening force (22.2N) from push or pull side.